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The Aztec Emerald is our flagship optics range.

This is the Aztec 3-18 x 50

While The Aztec Emerald 25 was helping to win 1st and 2nd places in the Pro Class division of the Extreme Benchrest competition in Arizona, Aztec Optics were working on their latest addition to the Aztec Emerald optics range.

The 3-18x50 has the same compact 30mm chassis with low profile turrets. It has an adjustable eyepiece

to help focus up the MOA reticle; a 2nd focal

plane with calibrations at 18x (true MOA) and

9x; a push on sidewheel for easier side parallax

adjustment, & the turrets are pull up/lock down

and re-settable. It is around 1" shorter than the '25, and weighs in at 24.3oz or 688 grammes.

The MOA reticle and the MOA turrets 'speak the same language' so they work together in precise harmony.

There is a generous package of accessories and with Aztec's lifetime warranty,

It's an unbeatable combination.

The Aztec Emerald manual

in pdf format is now here:

AoA video of the Aztec 25 Scope

Accessories included with the scope: elastic cap lens covers, sunshade, superior cleaning cloth, and Allen key. Even the packaging speaks for itself, and marks this scope out a something really special.

The 3-18 is available in the UK for

£375, plus p&p.

Please contact us for euro prices



Hard Air Magazine USA have a review. To read it, please click on the HAM logo.

Giles from The Airgun Gear Show has killed 2 birds with one stone and reviewed both scopes - on Vimeo.

Click on the image on the right hand side of the page to view it.

Airguns of Arizona have a video of the scope on Vimeo.

Click on the image on the right hand side of the page to view it.

The Aztec Emerald 3-18x50 is also available (UK) over the counter at:
Livens in Burton on Trent, 
Valley Arms in Ruthin Wales, at  Derwent Air Rifles, Cockermouth,
Ron Daley Airguns in Barnsley; and Air-Fective Tuning  near Milton Keynes/Bedford.
--------------------------------------------------------Across Europe , Aztec scopes are available from: 
Appermont Wapenhandel, Belgium, Hurricane AB in Sweden,
West Coast Distribution in Cyprus,
BenkeSport in Germany, and Armurerie ARprotech in France.
WestCoastDistribuition Cyprus.png
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