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About Xabla

Xabla was born in 2016 when the team at GDL was being asked by various manufacturers and distributers to take their products into the GDL portfolio. We thought long and hard about this, as our main products are the highly successful Omega SuperCharger and AirCharger compressors, and at that stage, our main focus was on these two unique products.

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But then came along a number of opportunities which we felt it would be unfair to our customers not to get involved with. All we asked of the suppliers was that these products be high quality; that they be something different or new; and something which our customers will really appreciate being able to acquire.

Our No1 scope is the fantastic Aztec 5.5-25 x50, a multi-discipline scope - excellent for airgunners with a sidewheel included in the package, yet robust and accurate enough for long distance quarry hunting with rimfire and centrefire rifles. It is a 2nd focal plane scope with calibration marks at 18x and 9x; mil dot reticle and is outstanding value.

Shilba Scopes, based in Argentina, are fantastic value rifle and spotting scopes which were just too good not to buy. With the Japanese lenses, the Gold Medal range is outstanding. Their brilliant binoculars offer the same quality/value combination. We've selected the best available binoculars for you.

And the name Xabla? (we pronounce it Xz-abla): 

We've drawn the name from the strategic Mediterranean island of Malta, famous for its connection to the Knights' Templar. There, Xabla means 'sword'. They pronounce it differently ('Shabla') but it still symbolises cutting edge craftsmanship, strength and tried and tested traditions. We try to live up to those standards and history.

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