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The Aztec Emerald is our flagship optics range.

This is the Aztec First Focal Plane

xFFP - PNG only.png

The First Focal Plane 5.5-25x50 is the latest addition to the family of Aztec Emerald scopes. It's been developed by the same team at Aztec Optics which created the other scopes.

The FFP feature keeps the spacing between the aim points on the reticle consistent,  throughout the whole range of magnicfication.

The illuminated reticle is switchable on/off and can be either red or green

The Aztec FFP is available in the UK for £549, plus p&p.

Please contact us for euro prices

FFP - back nearest .jpg
FFP - IR closeup.jpg

As with the other models the turrets are pull up/lock down and re-settable. A turret tool comes with the FFP package, as well as a Duracell 2032 battery for the I.R.

​The MOA reticle and the MOA turrets 'speak the same language' so they work together in precise harmony.

The scope weighs 698grammes or 24.6oz (battery included).

There is a generous package of accessories and with Aztec's lifetime warranty, It's an unbeatable combination.

The Aztec Emerald 5.5-25 FFP is also available over the counter at
Livens in Burton on Trent, 
Valley Arms in Ruthin Wales, at  Derwent Air Rifles, Cockermouth, in Cumbria, Ron Daley Airguns in Barnsley; and Air-Fective Tuning  near Milton Keynes/Bedford.
Across Europe , Aztec scopes are available from: 
BenkeSport in Germany,
Armurerie ARprotech in France,
Appermont Wapenhandel, Belgium; Hurricane AB in Sweden and
West Coast Distribution in Cyprus. 

FFP - the next big thing?

Air Ghandi considers (review in German)

AirGhandi 3 Box pic.jpg
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